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A chat bot can be informational, conversational, and influence buying decisions all at the same time. We will build and design a messenger bot for your business from the ground up to achieve your business goals.

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Answer Questions

Answer the most frequently asked questions your business gets, or provide key information to the potential customer shorten the distance to a conversion. Give your leads a head start in your on-boarding process, book a meeting with them automatically, and nurture a lead to conversion.

Update Data

Not just a marketing tool, process automation too! Your bot can be built and customized to integrate with various CMS and data platforms. Your new and existing customers can provide information to the bot that will automatically update wherever you need it.

Connect Live

Monitor conversations that are going on with your bot in real-time. Enjoy the ability to jump in to engage a lead directly in the conversation. Indicate trigger points where we can build an alarm system that lets you know someone is at a key conversion point in your bot flow so you can jump in and take control.


✔ Customers are more comfortable with Chat than e-mail.

✔ You can provide off hours support through a Chatbot.

✔ Fast responses are of the utmost importance in this day and age.

✔ A Chatbot will be part of your automatic marketing machine, booking new clients or making sales while you sleep.

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More than Just A Message Sequence

A well-built chatbot does more than just send a sequence of messages to your website visitor. It can ask them questions, acquire data, process orders, book meetings, and after all is said and done, give you powerful insight into how your audience thinks and behaves.

Ask Them Questions: Your custom-built chatbot can ask users what they are looking for, how they are feeling about your product or service, what kind of information they need, or what brought them to your site. This gives you powerful leverage to tune up all of your marketing efforts based on REAL feedback from your potential customers!

Acquire Data: You can leverage your bot to gather data for your business process in advance, before you even connect with the customer directly! Here are some examples: "What's your budget?", "When do you want to start?", "How did you hear about us?", "What's your favourite colour/style of our product?", and anything else you might ask a customer if they were right in front of you!

Process Orders: Your bot can be built to guide a user through a purchase decision and process the order RIGHT INSIDE the bot. You can help them choose the right product, take credit card info, confirm the order, upsell them on more product, and thank them for their purchase all in a chat window! This interactive approach helps put customers at ease instead of buying from a website that is just "showing their wares", it's like having an automated salesperson for each visitor!

Book Meetings: As part of your overall automated marketing approach, once you've gotten a lead interested in your service, you may want to have them book an initial consultation meeting with you. The less obstacles you put in their way to booking that meeting, the higher percentage of visitors will convert into leads. You can use the automated chat bot integrated with many online booking platforms to keep that warm lead right where you want them, moving forward.

Powerful Insight: Every interaction with your bot gives valuable data. Not just about your marketing approach, but your product/service and your brand. With the chatbot we will analyze behaviour and responses of your visitors to identify trends and optimizations. If people are steering clear of a specific service, or very attracted to a specific product, we'll know. If a certain part of your brand message isn't resonating well with your audience, we'll be able to tell.


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