Working with a groundbreaking new e-commerce company to build their brand from the ground up

Helping to develop an international disruptor's brand

iMonetize is a company that leverages the rapidly expanding industry of eCommerce and brings economies of scale to compete with well established, big name companies in service, selection and even price. They provide a groundbreaking new way for people to break into the world of eCommerce with more tools, systems and support than ever.

Goliath Marketing helped iMonetize with desigining and establishing their branding, and we designed and developed their website. We created a beautiful demonstration of the concept for iMonetize to use to drive investor interest and support. Goliath also were involved in creating promotional videos (scriptwriting and editing) and press releases to platforms like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg.

Since acquiring major investment rounds, the website has evolved. Nonetheless, many of the keystone concepts created by iMonetize and Goliath have been maintained.

Using the beautiful website we created for them, they presented a modern and comprehensive example of the business, enabling them to acquire millions in investments and take the business to the next level.

We provided custom-made graphics and animations as well, exact to the client's specifications, realizing the vision of the founder of the company.

Goliath does things differently. We focus on building efficient, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with our clients.

Client success is always the top priority.

Our team measures success the right way. Not by marking off tasks, or collecting invoices, but by ensuring your business is benefitting from our services and our relationship. Not only will we go the extra mile to help you succeed, we will likely do it for less than the competition.

We are happy to offer a free consultation with one of our Web Design, Marketing, or Process Automation experts to understand your business and give you some insights on things you can do today to improve results!

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