How Goliath Helped a Physiotherapy company get better results for less money

Better Results For Less, Better Service Too!

It seems common that some marketing agencies take advantage of their client, getting them on retainer and then coasting and providing minimum service quality.

This was the case with this client, they were paying a retainer so high it was prohibitive to business, and not seeing any measurable results. In fact, the agency was likely taking advantage of them and providing minimum or no effort on key tasks to reach their clients' success.

We noticed huge room for improvement AND cost reductions.

We worked with them to understand what they had in place in terms of marketing campaigns, and helped them reverse engineer the convoluted systems, access, administrator mess that their marketing company was weaving.

What we did

Despite the pandemic, our work with Great One Health paid dividends. Working with the owner of the company, we were able to reduce her monthly marketing spend by more than 75% and increase results.

We rebuilt their website from the ground up, providing a much cleaner user experience. The rebuild of course included SEO, UX focused design, and speed optimization to avoid traffic bounces and increase Google’s speed score.

We also improved the quality of the content, media and information on major business directories like Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages, Apple Maps and more. These directory updates created a buzz for the clinic as new content (and even accurate contact information) was not being posted by the previous provider. This simple switch to more consistent and accurate content resulted in 2x as much organic exposure through Google Maps.

Through all of this work, our client is getting more traffic, more inquiries and more conversions than ever before, for a fraction of what they were paying before.

Take a look at the report displayed below. You can see substantial increases in Google Maps views, visits, calls and search appearances. The only data point that is in decline is "Request directions" as the company information on listing directories like Google Maps was not kept fully accurate and up to date before we came in.

Data report showing business results improving

Our team measures success the right way. Not by marking off tasks, or collecting invoices, but by ensuring your business is benefitting from our services and our relationship. Not only will we go the extra mile to help you succeed, we will likely do it for less than the competition.

We are happy to offer a free consultation with one of our Web Design, Marketing, or Process Automation experts to understand your business and give you some insights on things you can do today to improve results!

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